Featured Artist Deng Chol(Sudan)

I was born in 3rd January 1982 in Abyei town before the family moved to Khartoum State in 1986 where I started my primary education and grew up. From childhood I started admiring drawing in school text books, children magazines and cartoon animations on TV. From there I start copying those pictures, and I found myself doing well. I even use not to eat lunch at school in order to save some money for my art materials and magazines. When I reached secondary level surrounding people usually neighbors, shops started appreciating and ordering my arts usually drawings, paintings and toys, and from there I realized that creating arts is valuable. After finishing my secondary education I attended training courses of fine arts at University of Halwan’s faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo_ Egypt 1999. I also received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science (in Chemistry) from El Mergeb (former Nasir) University in Libya 2005. In Libya 2002 I met with a Sudanese artist Suleiman Hasan who supported me and introduced me to art community and to Sudan Cultural Center where I started my first art show.

For my art creations I use Oil, Acrylics and water colors on different mediums and techniques. My artistic style mostly contemporary African Art, a cocktail of abstract, symbolism and impressionism. My subjects revolves around themes of human activity inspired by local South Sudanese and African heritages, thus my artworks are always full of African patterns, symbols and motifs.

I have been creating different sires of artworks usually in form of serial numbers (e.g D553) for consistency and documentation and record with letter (D) from my name.

In 2013 together with other artists from South Sudan, Eritrea, South Africa and Sudan we formed “Desalame Art Group” an artistic group based in Juba. And in 2016 I became a co-found member of ANATABAN initiative the most active youth artivism movement in South Sudan. In 2017 with another four local visual artists we formed Studio One Art Collective (Art Space) in Juba.

Recent Activities (Workshops and Exhibitions):
2011 He participated in art exhibition (coloring for freedom) at Roots Project Center, Juba South Sudan.
2012 He illustrated children book (What Will You Do For Our New Nation), written by Michelle D’Arcy.
2013 Participated in a group art exhibition at French Institute (Juba).
2013 He formed with other artists from S.Sudan, Eritrea, S.Africa and Sudan “Desalame Art Group” the most active artistic group based in Juba.
2014 Art Exhibition at Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi_ Kenya.
2014 Participated in illustration of 4 handbooks for VISTAS a USAID funded organization working in trauma healing (TICE) project in South Sudan.
2015 Representing South Sudan in an international art exhibition “Lumeiers d’Afriques2015” in Paris, France.
2015 Art exhibition (Living Masters III ) at Umoja Art Gallery, Kampala _ Uganda .
2016 Collective Art Exhibition (Women of South Sudan, Pain Strength and Hope) sponsored by Norwegian Peoples Aid NPA Juba, South Sudan.
2016 Cartoons Exhibition (Arts for Peace) sponsored by Embassy of Germany in Juba.2016 July Workshop on Modern graffiti, sponsored by Pawa 254, Nairobi – Kenya.2016 Aug he participated in the formation of ANATABAN campaign, Nairobi and Juba. 2016 Sep He participated in East African Artists Connect Exhibition at Nommo Gallery, Kampala- Uganda.
2016 Sep He participated in Kampala Art Auction (KAA) at Sarena Hotel, Kampala – Uganda.
2016 Oct He participated in Illustration of Peace Agreement handout book for Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA).
2016 Oct He participated in Art for Peace Project by Hope Society supporting girls’ education at St. Josephine Bakhita Girls School, Narus – South Sudan.
2016 Dec participated in collective bazar show at world food program (WFP), Juba – South Sudan.
2016 Dec He participated in Cartoon Exhibition organized by Germany Embassy at NOTOS Lunge, Juba South Sudan.
2017 Mar He participated in Pub-Art Exhibition at Norwegian Embassy – Juba. 2018 Sept participated in a group show for Open Studio at KOBO Trust, Nairobi.
2018 Oct. Participated in a group exhibition under theme (Lines), at (International School of Kenya) ISK FOTA, Nairobi Kenya.
2018 Dec 18 to 31 January 2019 a group exhibition (Glad Tidings) at Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi Kenya.
2019 Feb 23 to 7March. A group exhibition at American Embassy in juba, South Sudan.

My current artistic direction is creating series of paintings mostly abstracted in a collage technique, it’s a way of experiencing different materials and colors in an artwork for creating windows of thinking, soul, spiritual healing and mentally relaxation as well as rising question.

Some of my artworks available at Roots Project Center – juba, French Institute du Juba, Umoja Art Gallery -Kampala Uganda, African Artists for development (AAD) Paris France, Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi Kenya, Cairo Gallery -Cairo Egypt, Kenya National Museum. KOBO Trust Nairobi Kenya, and many more in US, UK Germany and Norway.