Featured Artist Edward Muratha(Kenya)

I am Edward Muratha a self-taught Kenyan artist born in 1968.I discovered my passion for art at a young age and expressed myself through colors and distinctive styles that emanate joy and peace in that these two elements bring about a vibrant spirit in the atmosphere that I capture uniquely. The reason as to why I draw is because it appears to be the only way I can bring my thoughts to life through art. This is also since the development of the hinterland started, the East African Coast has a unique and slightly different culture from the regions in the interior. The enduring culture and unique lives of the resistant East African Coast from Lamu to Zanzibar amazes people as during the colonial period this used to be a white man’s occupancy in that there were changes even in the ways of livelihood.

For the past years he has drawn his inspiration as an artist from people’s culture and situations related to his environment. Through this he has been able to know how and why people live differently especially the Swahili( people from the coastal region) who in building of their structure’s portrays how they like being together as one community and these helps them to understand each other in a better way. My medium is mostly acrylic on canvas and water colors. His paintings have been painstakingly and artistically done to show harmony of colors and creativity in the Afro-Arab architecture. I strive to showcase the influence mixed cultures have had on the lives of Africans and the way art can be used to depict its beauty. This creates curiosity in the minds of visitors making them more interested to visit the cultural heritage sites such as the Vasco Da Gama pillar and Fort Jesus. They will also learn about early settlers, rulers on the East African Coast, slave trade and religions emerging from inter marriages between the natives and settlers.

Even though I have been through ups and downs partaking art in my home country, I see myself opening up a gallery in future so as to help those in need in art matters and be able to nurture young artists growing in the art industry. My work has been featured in various parts of my country mostly in Nairobi ie: Nairobi National Museum, Tazama art gallery, Banana hill art gallery and many more. As long as I have endless thoughts of creativity I don’t have plans of seizing art. I enjoy working with other people because it gives me a chance of seeing and knowing more about people regarding art. I see my journey in art as an endless battle because even when I encounter difficulties I keep on fighting for what I know is a gift and no one can take it from me

Having worked on art for a long period of time I’ve lived hoping that my work may not end up being an untold story but a memory to be remembered forever. Finally, my art targets to serve as therapy for people and change people’s perspective in art. Although I may not be able to reach everyone, my art spreads slowly and eventually the future generations will learn from it.