Featured Artist Izere Antoine(Rwanda)

Izere Antoine de Padoue,Rwandan impasto painter born at Rushoga/ DRC. he graduated in sculpture and ceramics and currently working with Izihirwe arts.He always creates on the social life situations, emotions and feelings.He joined different trainings with different organizations in animation, illustrations, curatorship workshop, business and digital marketing and very importantly Imbuto Foundation trainings and others. But after all of that I’m an impasto painter.He did different exhibitions mostly in Rwanda and in other great lakes countries.He slowly fell in love with the progression, and this helps him in his daily life. He was able to create an escape from the reality that we face every day.

We study, we learn and we create, that’s how life becomes better for everyone who like creating and those who enjoy the creations. He found art as an illusion of things we create that reflects our minds to the society.

And as long as we have endless thoughts, we keep on creating. When you’re passionate and have the love for something you start working on it, thinking all the time on how these things might be real, you keep on searching to every corner and little by little it becomes your life. Just like you can’t stop the heartbeat, you also can’t make someone stop thinking on those things that are always running in their blood and their brains. It’s like an incurable disease.

He enjoys working with others, it’s so inspiring. For it’s not that easy to be sure about the style that you’re creating, most of the time we have to try new things. He liked the heavy strokes of the impressionists, the flow of their greyish colours, hardworking and the spirit for the love of nature. All these made him to try fitting sculpture and painting(impressionism) and then he found impasto, which is exceptional for the feel of texture. He sees life as a passion of sticking to what we like and the endless battles of everything else that we abhor. Art is one of the open ways of talking to people in a graphic way of imaginations. The emotions, feelings and all the untold stories behind these makes people feel connected.

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist Izere Antoine(Rwanda)

  1. Muk says:

    This guy is smart and funny. I really like him courage brother

  2. Romeo says:

    Am Rwandan artist too, we’re proud of you brother courageous and keep inspiring the world, u are born to create,…..

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