Featured Artist Kansiime Lister(Uganda)

Kansiime Brian Lister (Born September, 1995) is a Ugandan based award winning contemporary artist with a Bachelors degree in International Business at Makerere University.

His strength lies in figurative painting along side visual art using his exceptional penmanship with Oil paint, acrylic paint and a ball point pen to depict the rawest most unfiltered human emotions in his artwork, earning him recognition as the ‘African Bic Art Master’ in the Peoples Choice Awards (2019-2020) and the Bic brand ambassador, where his theme was centered around “Life Talking about the everyday girl child happiness” nominating him as one of the best artists on the continent

With an artistic backbone and veins filled with paint and ink, Lister’s work has featured in
Gumbo art gallery, at st Harvey , Illinois and Wonder art gallery, LA Bic collection gallery Nairobi, sons of art gallery, in Kampala, and currently working with Alexis galleries in Lagos and UAE

The young artist now works on his most latest collection “Roses in Black” that is aimed at telling the incomplete story African women in society face through power struggles, women empowerment, and mental health by emphasizing their unspoken words using artistry to capture their emotions, A Black woman’s wisdom is endless, this collection is a fraction of it, featuring oil paintings from insightful, powerful, and beautiful black women.

Contemporary art demonstrates the complexities of the changing world and therefore, artists use this form of expression to challenge and explore factors such as culture, identity, globalization, technology and the advancing world.

Roses in Black features a series of paintings that give an insightful connection between the history of Africa and modern day Africa.

In each painting, the artist uses tints of the color green to emanate rebirth, growth and a start of new beginnings in the various skin tones of his muses.

Lister pays attention to detail and that is evident in the amount of time he takes in composing his craft to tell the powerful stories with each piece taking around 100-120 hours to complete.