Featured Artist Lungisani Ndlovu(South Africa)

I lungisani Ndlovu the south African Artist would like to tell you more about my art work as an artist. My art is based on Mountains, Buildings and Soldiers the reason why I’m Drawing about it is that I want the South African people to be reminded of the fact that our country is a beautiful country and I also want it to be honored and also glorified.

The mountains behind the buildings describe the forceful movement that was happening during the 1970s how black people were forced to leave their land for the white people. They had large parcels of land in which they did everything by themselves. They had or owned livestock and farming therefore didn’t have to go and buy Goods from the market they just went to the farms for harvest.

Well it didn’t end there because people were still confused about where they will go to and they were being taken and slaved to build the buildings that we are now going to buy Goods from because the so called plantation and farming is no longer practiced by black people but white who own the Big Farms and who also own the Big Buildings.

The National Defense force (soldiers) are to protect and bring peace within our country and they are to defend and protect our boarders particularly “Umkhonto wesizwe” during the apartheid for they ever fought tooth and nail to bring us peace and freedom on our country.

In the next coming years I see myself as a famous Artist so that I could be known worldwide and internationally and as a reminder to people who do not know and still wish to reach my destination.

Artist Biography

Lungisani was born on the 1st of June 1993 in Pietermaritzburg in his early age he then moved to Marnhill next Pinetown. His Pasion of art started at a very young age. In my Primary and my Secondary School it’s where I started to realize that I have something to do with my talent, because I had a chance to participate in a competition where I got an award for my work. In 2008 I had to quit school on my 10th grade because of some problems that were going on in my family. In 2014 I met Sthenjwa Luthuli he then introduced me to the BAT Centre where I started my Visual Art classes in 2015. In 2016 Lungisani enrolled for Velobala Saturday art classes hosted by the African Art Centre at the Durban University of Technology. The Velobala classes offer Visual Art instruction and Fine Art education to young creative artists located away from the traditional urban clusters of arts infrastructure.


2018 Group exhibition, Celebrating the Velobala Class of 2017, African Centre, Durban

2017 Group Exhibition, I AM AN AFRICAN, African Art Centre, Durban

2016 Group Exhibition, Visual Art Exhibition, Hilton Art Festival, Pietermaritzburg

2016 Group Exhibition, Bill of Human Right, African Art Centre, Durban

2016 Group Exhibition, BAT Centre Student’s, BAT Centre,Durban

2015 Group Exhibition, Velobala Exhibition, African Art Centre, Durban

2015 Group Exhibition, Visual Art Exhibition, INK Art Festival, Durban


2016 VANSA, “The Best Guide”, BAT Centre, Durban

2015 Printmaking and Drawing, “Visual Art Programme”, Durban Art Gallery