Featured Artist Mwayila Bongeli(Congo)

Born in Kinshasa, December 27, 1998, MWAYILA BONGELI David says M.M feels an attraction for the artistic field of which he accuses an innate potential. Hoping, through his little childhood sketches, for a future as an illustrious artist, his parents did not hesitate to provide him with the finest studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. In 2018, after obtaining his Bac + 3, he spread his wings, with a collective exhibition at the American School of Kinshasa (TASOK), and continued with other pictorial performances, in particular that at the TEXAF BILEMBO gallery ( in 2019), and at the CMCT (2020). Anxious to educate the world through his paintings, the young artist lives and works in Kinshasa.

Living in one of the city’s military camps, M.M allows herself to be nourished by this particular environment, where the pace and way of life are so paradoxical. The rhythm of time and its wear constitute a muse for this young artist. The creative artist that he is, tries to transpose his worries, his questions about the way of life, in relation to the time that passes on the canvases, through the images of illustrious characters who, according to him, have marked the time.

He paints characters using a stylistic technique faithful to reality, with the aim of instructing the masses to resort to the normality of facts, on this land where values ​​are increasingly declining. His paintings are presented in bright and captivating colors, a way for him to bring out the subject and make it remarkable.

His pictorial energy contributes towards the reproduction of character portraits illustrious and ordinary, representativeness with fidelity and dexterity, adding a personal touch with the integration, in its composition, of signs and symbols evocative of time.


His works reflect his vision of the world. MWAYILA is a fine observer, this quality explains his existential vision transposed on his canvases in terms of “marking time”. By “marking time”, the artist wants to immortalize the illustrious moments of life. for the artist time is a formidable adversary, very agile and fast. Therefore, he invites the public to become aware of them and work with them over time to leave traces.