Featured Artist Selman Kubwimana(Rwanda)

My name is Selman KUBWIMANA, also known as Selekarts. I went at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College of Rwanda. I am a Rwandan artist. I started my debut carrier, in January 2014. When I was child I didn’t like drawing. It was not my hobby. Being an artist was like an accident to me, In ordinary level when I was in senior three, I had to pick the courses I would study in senior four. Some of those were sciences and technical courses, but in my life I didn’t like sciences because they have always been a puzzle for me. This means that my second option was to pick courses not including science. I asked my close friend to tell me the courses that I would be able to handle in auxiliary level. He said, “Pick arts school, and definitely picked it” This guy was very good at drawing. At that time, I had no idea if there was a school of arts in Rwanda. I directly asked him if that school didn’t have science courses and he immediately replied, “Of Course no, it’s only arts”. I was like, “wow! This is what I need.” Finally I chose arts at the school named ECOLE D’ARTS DE NYUNDO.

When I reached that school, I had no ideas about arts, drawing and even painting. In this school, I saw very talented boys and girls and I wondered how I was going to study with them. But because I had chosen it myself, I had to face it.  I was motivated by people around me at this school and I tried my best until I finished my courses. And you can’t believe that I was among the best students who could make amazing art pieces.

I started my art courses in January 2014 and I graduated in November 2016. After graduation I took one year of self-improving my skills to become a professional artist. At the end of December 2017, I started creating innovated paintings. I got a positive feedback from the audience who liked my art pieces and some of them owned some of my paintings. This motivated me to work hard and be creative.

My paintings are inspired by the environment and the people around me in Rwanda as a touristic country. Yet my portrayals of everyday happenings turn even the most ordinary settings into meaningful, attractive narratives. Whenever I am in the process of painting, I am greatly involved and motivated. Every time I paint, I use the best, professional techniques to create stunning artworks. People have described my art as being full of beauty, emotion, color, and a heavy appreciation of shapes which amplify the cycles, patterns and vibrancy of African cultures. My art is meant to inspire peace and love across the world.

Studying painting was the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. It creates many chances for me and the money from my art pieces helps me pay my house rent and support me in my daily life’s expenses.

In 2019, I found a gallery where I can work and exhibit my paintings. This gallery named ‘Envision Media Art collective’ is located in Kigali, Rwanda.

2015-2017: I have participated in various art exhibitions in Rwanda. I attended Art Rwanda UBUHANZI competition.

2019: Participant in a group exhibition called ‘Rwanda Retold’ at MOCADA Museum in New York City.

 2020: Featured on the leading international gallery of African paintings, True African Art. Also this year, I have been  recently invited  at different TV stations shows  such as The versus at National Television of Rwanda, and prime 10 at TV 10 Rwanda. I also featured in news at France 24