Featured Artist Unwana Efiong(Lincoln)

Unwana Efiong is an innovative freelance artist known for her dynamic and eclectic approach to art. Her journey began at the tender age of 8, inspired by her father’s diverse artistic pursuits. She gained early acclaim, securing top honors in the National Gallery of Art competition in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, during her senior secondary school years. Unwana’s formal art education started at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, before she transitioned to study Architecture at Eastern Mediterranean University, broadening her creative horizons.

Throughout her architectural studies, Unwana remained deeply connected to her artistic roots, volunteering to create murals and producing bespoke portraits. In 2013, she held her first solo exhibition, highlighting her ability to blend various artistic styles seamlessly. Her architectural projects including thesis and dissertation had a strong connection to art. Following her graduation with a Master’s degree in Architecture in 2023, Unwana fully embraced her passion for art, participating in numerous exhibitions and developing a unique style that celebrates spontaneity and exploration.

Unwana Efiong Artworks

Her work features a mix of traditional and digital mediums, employing techniques such as scribbling, blurring, and hatching to evoke a wide range of emotions. Unwana’s art is a reflection of her personal journey and her commitment to pushing creative boundaries, making her a compelling figure in the contemporary art landscape. Unwana’s artworks often explore themes related to mental health, reflecting her deep commitment to raising awareness and fostering understanding. Through her art, she delves into the complexities of human emotions, aiming to provide a voice for those experiencing mental health challenges and to promote empathy and healing.


Boring, The Holy Art, London, 2024
Realm, The Holy Art, London, 2024
Art on Loop, The Holy Art Gallery,  New York, 2024
Madeke Modern Art Exhibition, 2024
Future Stars Exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London & Athens, 2023
Department of Architecture design exhibition – Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus, 2014
Solo Exhibition, Uyo, Nigeria, 2013