Featured Artist Wandile Rose(Zimbabwe)

Hello! My name is Wandile Rose Sibanda from Zimbabwe, living in Nairobi and I have always had a love for art. From as early as I can remember, art has consistently been a way I express myself, through sketching, drawing, painting, and sometimes amateur photography. So, when it comes to what inspires me, I’d say it can be anything, from an emotion, to a song, to a person’s smile. Although I am drawn to art, I decided to study architecture, as it is a profession that encourages creativity and critical thinking.

My favorite medium to paint with is oil, simply because it takes longer to dry, thus blending is a dream. There also is a level of patience needed that comes with using oil paint that I enjoy. My favorite artist is the great Frida Kahlo. I appreciate her work for the level of authenticity she brought to every piece. That is something I try to convey in my work as well.

As a self-taught artist, and a person transitioning from being an essentially hobbyist artist to one ‘entering the art world’ so to speak, I have primarily created commissioned pieces. I recently exhibited and sold a piece at “The Bookwork Gigiri – Library”, which was a wonderful experience. 

I am excited for where my art will take me in the future. A goal I have is to one day own an art gallery, where I would mainly exhibit and showcase up and coming artists. I would also want to provide a platform for creatives, experienced and new, to come together, and share knowledge, and potentially collaborate with one another. But till then, I am looking forward to the type of artist I am and will be as I continue to grow in my work, style and truth.