Browse through paintings from classic artists all over Africa. We have acrylics, watercolors, and every medium in between. Each painting is available to purchase as an original. Decorate your home with incredible paintings from Africa’s greatest artists. African Paintings, Canvas African Paintings, Acrylic African Paintings, Easy African Paintings, Abstract African Paintings, African Art Paintings, Contemporary African Art, Traditional African Art, Beautiful African Art Paintings, African Tribal Art

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One with Nature

Title:One with Nature Size:62cm x 62cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:100 USD

Grey Scrutiny

Title:Grey Scrutiny Size:62cm x 62cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:150 USD

Birds of Paradise

Title:Birds of Paradise Size:62cm x 62cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:130 USD

Abstract face paint

Colorful acrylic abstract painting for all abstract lovers

Pluviographic arts

This is a pluviographic art for the lover of rain

Take me back to

Title:Take me back to Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size:60cm x 60cm Price:115 USD

venus 2

Title:venus 2 Medium:acrylic on paper Size:100cm x 160cm Year:2023 Price:6000 USD

Venus 1

Title:Venus 1 Medium:Acrylic, Ink, Collage Size:100cm x 160cm Year:2023 Price:6000 USD


Title:Untitled Medium:Acrylic, Ink on paper Size:42x55 cm Year:2023 Price:1200 USD


Title:Nomad Medium:Acrylic, Ink, Collage Size:70cm x 61cm Year:2023 Price:1700 USD


Title:Make-upless Medium:Acrylic, Ink on paper Size:42cm x 55cm Price:1200 USD

Graduation Photo

Title:Graduation Photo Medium:Acrylic, Ink, on paper Size:41x59 cm Year:2023 Price:1200 USD