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African Giant

Medium: Mixed Media Art Year: 2018


Art on A4 artwork using color pencils and marker pens

Ankara art

It depicts African culture in terms of what clothing suites us

Artificial Aloe String Art

Aloe Vera (coloured string on a nail board)


Acrylics on canvas Landscape painting 40cm by 40cm

Between the colours

The stress of toiling only to live in frustration, penury, disappointment and unfulfilled dreams among the Nigerian Youth. The pressure to perform without the opportunity to do so has led many into unstoppable addiction, frustration and depression. All hope seem lost, the purpose of living is defeated, thereby leading to suicidal thoughts. Life isn't fair, but when there is life, there is hope.

Black Beauty

Color pencils on A4 cartridge paper


Acrylics on canvas on board A4 size