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“Swahili Girl” Acrylic Painting

"Swahili Girl" Acrylic Painting is an acrylic on watercolor paper. It's drawn on A3 size paper

Behind closed doors

We always try our best to keep to the Norms of society even though deep down we are completely different.

Black Sunset

Title:Black Sunset; Year: 2020; Size: 24 by 17cm; Medium: Acrylic on paper Price:85 USD


Get the little African boy a jug of cocoa  and you'll become besties. size: 30cm x 21cm

Crossing mara river

Tragic and mesmerizing. Millions of wildebeests live on the Serengeti, but they don’t all go to the river at once. They go in clans of tens of thousands. They don’t appear to be aware of the fate that awaits them, “It’s like you’re dropping a lot of steaks in the water, Acrylic on paper size= 37cm x 26.5cm.


Title:Spiralling; Year: 2021; Size: 28 by 19cm; Medium: Acrylic on paper Price:80 USD