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African Woman on Canvas Painting

If you're a  lover of kenyan art, african art, acrylic painting, canvas painting, african woman or generally an admirer of well crafted masterpiece then this painting is for you. It's ideal for home decor, office, wall art

Bob Marley Acrylic Painting

This acrylic on canvas painting of Bob Marley was done on a 70 cm × 50 cm stretched canvas. The acrylic painting is varnished to protect it from dust, UV rays and yellowing. Plus it adds a layer of shine.


Get the little African boy a jug of cocoa  and you'll become besties. size: 30cm x 21cm


Acrylics and gold leaf on 60cm by 80cm canvas

Synchronicity of Life

every line, every circle, every Pattern in nature is in Perfect harmony, rhythm and flow as the secrets of life are hidden in the geometry of nature.