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City Girl

Title:City Girl Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas size:30X30 Inches Year:2021 Price:1500 USD


Title:Atelier Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas size:48x48 Inches Year:2021 Price:4000 USD

Ajayi the Tailor

Title:Ajayi the Tailor Medium:Oil and acrylic on canvas size:42x42 Inches Year:2022 Price:3000 USD

Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought Size:117cm x 115cm Mixed Media on Canvas Year:2023 Price:2956 USD

Stuck in mud

Title:Stuck in mud Size:104.5cm x 60cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:650 USD

Fruit vendor

Title:Fruit vendor Size:95cm x 85cm Medium:Acrylic on canvas Price:850 USD

Fruit Seller ll

Title:Fruit Seller ll Size:132cm x 86cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:1000 USD

African smile

Title:African smile Size:98cm x 92cm Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:900 USD


Title:Blacksmith Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:50cm x 80cm Price:600 USD

Bold Black Woman

Title:Bold Black Woman Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:36 x 48 inches Year:2022 Price:5500 USD

The lady at the hotel

Title:The lady at the hotel Medium:Acrylics on canvas Size:100cm by 100cm Price:500 USD

My wishes

Title:My wishes Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:110cm by 90cm Price:500 USD