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Love letter angel

This painting is close and dire to the artist,a total of on month to complete the painting.Every African homestead has ever used the paraffin lamp ,having no electricity or in situations of a blackout,and it was mostly the mothers duty to light It up and to comfort the children with stories and fables of inspiring depth ,as the light danced with the motion of the wind , creating shadows as it captivates the audience.

Dark Side

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶ There are two choices, everyone has it's own bad or evil side in us. Your choice is to know which one is better for you between both good side and bad side.

Power of Meditation

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶The portrait is illustrated to shows the good effect of meditating that if you are able to control your mind, you have enough ability to overcome anything.