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A Little More Tolerance

SIZE: 15 X 12 inches YEAR: 2019 Iganmu Lagos,Lagos Nigeria.


SIZE: 80CM X 50CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 50 X 60 inches YEAR: 2020 This relates to mental, physical or spiritual battles of life we fight day by day as humans. Though there are losses, same way there are wins and it only takes the strong willed person to prevail. “Where there is a will, there is always a way”.


SIZE: 24 X 36 inches YEAR: 2020

Boats at Kasenyi

SIZE: 120CM X 90CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 80CM X 100CM YEAR: 2020

Comeback Strong – The chain breakers series

SIZE: 60 X 50 inches YEAR: 2020 Life is about ups and downs, losses and wins. Anyone that comes by this knowledge never gives up when knocked down, but rises up and fight back until victory comes. Inspired by Serena Williams.

Crossroads IV

SIZE: 48 X 36 inches YEAR: 2020

D540 (Story Teller)

SIZE: 101CM X 140CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 80CM X 70CM YEAR: 2020

D551 (Knowledge)

SIZE: 129CM X 102CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 93CM X 67CM YEAR: 2020