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COVID and Corruption

Title: COVID and Corruption Size : 1meter by 90 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Price:2830 USD

Healing The World

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020   ▶ This piece tries to explain that we should all unite and help one another. Doing so we are saving ourselves and the planet. 

The Infected

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶ This piece refers to the on-going pandemic, it shows the infected person in discomfort and the face mask shows that the infection is affecting the whole world.

Biding My Time

Reflection on isolation during COVID19 and  being  sheltered in space. SIZE: 40CM X 70CM YEAR: 2020

Japanese cherry blossom tree

A3 size Japanese cherry blossom tree made of nails, strings and beads.

African Woman Painting

I created this work of art during Covid-19 to start my passion in art.

Better Days

Acrylic paints on faux leather. Watching the sunset while reminiscing and hoping for a better tomorrow

Stepping Out

A covid 19 patient recovered but broke. Walking again