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41 Things

Title:41 Things Medium:Wood fiber, acrylic metal and wire Size:40 x 40 inches. Year:2021. Price:4000 USD 41 Things I Wish I Could Say To The Guy Who Took My Virginity 1. Thanks for being the person to teach me about heartbreak 2...

A Game of Rugby

Title:A Game of Rugby Size:30cm x 40cm Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas Price:1360 USD

African lady

This is my view of an African lady. Most African ladies today, mostly from my area, they tend not to do chores. They are after being successful which is not a bad thing to be a successful woman, but to forget a role as a woman in the community is becoming a problem in our African society. A woman can be successful and the same time tend to do things that an African woman should do to her society.

African woman

Quality mounted mixed media African Art piece.


SIZE: 67CM X 47CM MEDIUM: MIXED MEDIA YEAR: 2020 The rumbles of an African woman's confidence has endless echoes.


Art on A4 artwork using color pencils and marker pens


Dimensions: 100cm x 80cm Year: 2021 Medium: Recycled cell phone keyboards on canvas, Original Artwork

An ode to my swati people

Title:An ode to my swati people Medium:Oil paint, Fabric{Lihhiya) & Gold Dust on Brown Paper Year: 2022 Price:2075 USD

Ancestral Communication

Title:Ancestral Communication Size:109cm x 144cm Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas Price:5860 USD


Title:Asake Size:3 by 4ft Medium:oil on canvas Year of production:2022 Price:$3000


Title:Awaiting Size: 36" x 48" inches Medium:acrylic on canvas Year:2022 Price: $2000