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Way of Water

Title:Way of Water Medium:Mixed Media Size:100cm x 80cm Year:2023 Price:1500 usd

Snake Charmer

Tittle:Snake Charmer Medium:Mixed media on canvas Size:80cm x 60cm Year:2022 Price:350 usd


Tittle:Kobe Medium:Mixed media on canvas Size: 60cm x 60cm Year: 2022 Price:500 usd

Deep in the reefs

Title:Deep in the reefs Medium:Mixed Media Size:90cm x 80cm Year:2023 Price:1500 usd

The Conquest

Title:The Conquest Size:120cm x 100cm Medium:Mixed Media Year:2023 Price:5500 USD

Station 2

Title:Station 2 Size 120cm x 100cm Medium:Mixed Media Year:2023 Price:6000 USD

My Silence

Title:My Silence Size:135cm x 135cm. Medium:Mixed Media Price:7000$

My Race

Title:My Race Size:83cm x 63cm Year:2022 Medium:Mixed Media Price:1800 USD

My Gaze

Title:My Gaze Size:60cm x 40cm Medium:Mixed Media Year: 2023 Price:1700 USD

My baby

Title:My baby Size:135cm x 135cm year: 2023 Medium:Mixed Media Price:6000 USD

Meeting on the sea

Title:Meeting on the sea Size: 120cm x 100cm Year:2022 Medium:Mixed Media Price: 5500$

Fishermen of hope

Title:Fishermen of hope Size:100cm x 100cm Year:2021 Medium:Mixed Media Price:4000 USD