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Arum Lily

A multiple frame canvas painting depicting the arum lily


Title : DISSIPATION Size : 40cm diameter circle (unframed) Techniques / media : Recycled collage, 3d printing, pen and ink on coffee filter paper. YoP : 2020 DISSIPATION is from the 'Flower of Life Series' which aims to show the ephemeral, yet continuous nature of life, and our contribution as a species to this energy.

Dream together

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

lady blue

A painting that gives a glimpse at the beauty of body art and the versatility of the human form under different lighting effects.

Learning for girls

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Original Art Painting Year of production:2020 size: 60cm x 60cm

look away

One of the paintings that displays the beauty of Africa and a blend of the western touch.

No Laziness

Medium: acrylic on canvas, Original Art Painting Year of production: 2020 Size: 60cm x 60cm