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Kanyoni is an image of a rare bird.

The dry tree by the Road

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size:16 x 23 inches Year:2021

Somewhere in Kenya

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size:16 x 21 inches Year: 2021

Into the Hood

Medium: Acrylics on canvas Size:26 x 29 inches Year:2021

Cherry Bomb


The moon by three tree

A good combination of a sunset and evening at the park

Mystery Tree

Semi-abtract environmental painting inspired by nature.  The scratches are a symbol of the destruction of forests and the bright colours

Reconnections with Nature II

Landscape painting 120 cm x 100 cm Gift or wall decor Ready to be shipped! And delivered. Gallery wrapped.  

Cool Waters

3 piece triptych 40 cm x 30 cm each piece

The Sun

Silhouvette of Sunset in Kenya landscape painting Gift, home /office wall decoration