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Title:- Untitled Meduim:- Oil on Canvas Size:- 20x24 inches Prices:-$120


Title:- Unbothered Meduim:- oil on Canvas Size:-20x27inches Price:- $150


Title:- Freeborn Meduim:- Oil on Canvas Size:-24x36 Price:-$250

Bad Memory

Title:Bad Memory Medium:oil and acrylic on canvas Size:140cm×100cm Year:2020 Price:2000$

My weapon burns me

Title:My weapon burns me Medium:oil and acrylic on canvas Size:140cm×110cm Year:2022 Price:2500$

Little Soldier

Title:Little Soldier Medium:oil and acrylic on canvas Size:135cm×115cm Year:2022 Price:$2300

I know myself

Title:I know myself Medium:oil and acrylic on canvas Year:2022 Size:100cm×100cm Price:1200$

Apostolos III

Title:Apostolos III Medium:Oil on Canvas Size:18x24inches Price:650 USD

Apostolos 1

Title:Apostolos 1 Medium:Oil on canvas Size:18x24inches Price:650 USD

My state of Mind

Title:My state of Mind Medium:Oil on Canvas Size:20x30inches Price:700 USD

Apostolos II

Title:Apostolos II Medium:Oil on Canvas Size:16x20inches Price:600 USD

Women at work

Title:Women at work Medium:Oil on Canvas Size:60cm x 90cm Price:1000 USD