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11 APRIL On the coup d’etat morning; unidentified armed forces  from previous regime shot protestors at the sit-in area  from  unfinished building  owned by former president of Sudan SIZE: 190CM X 120CM YEAR: 2020


Abstract painting Size= 50 cm x 50 cm Wood frame


SIZE: 100cm x 125cm MEDIUM: Oil and acrylic on canvas, Original Art Painting Year: 2020

African Dance

Size: 20X24 inches Medium: Oil on canvas Painting.

African Girls

Size: 15X19 inches Medium: Oil on canvas Painting

African Palm Wine

Size: 20X26 inches Medium: Oil on Canvas Painting

African Woman Painting

I created this work of art during Covid-19 to start my passion in art.


This artwork was inspired by iconic classic old men who smoked pipe. oil on canvas 120cm by 100cm oil on canvas

Biding My Time

Reflection on isolation during COVID19 and  being  sheltered in space. SIZE: 40CM X 70CM YEAR: 2020