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Afro Arrogance

Title:Afro Arrogance Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:40 x 71inches Price:500 USD

Coastal Queen

Title:Queen of the coastal regions Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:30 x 60inches Price:400 USD

Mother Lisa

Title:Mother Lisa Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 37 x 40 inches Price:400 USD

Omokomoko Dance

Title:Omokomoko Dance Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 39 x 49inches Price:300 USD

Check me out tomorrow

Title:Check me out tomorrow Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:56 x 63inches Price:850 USD

The rising sun

Title:the rising sun Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:55 x 63inches Price:800 USD

Family Japa

Title:Migration ( family Japa) Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:134cm x 104cm Price:550 USD

Looking back

Title:Looking back Medium; Acrylic on canvas Size:163cm x 140cm Price:650 USD

Locomotive Movement

Title:Locomotive Movement Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 48 x 56 inches Price:250 USD

Lean on me

Title:Lean on me Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size:40 x 40 inches Price:700 USD

Kleptocracy Government

Title:Kleptocracy Government Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:55 x 55 inches Price:1200 USD

My weapon burns me

Title:My weapon burns me Medium:oil and acrylic on canvas Size:140cm×110cm Year:2022 Price:2500$