Your operations will be from the dashboard that is
accessible from the ‘my account’ button. Once you click on the button, it will
direct you to your dashboard. From this page you will be able to see a drop
down menu listing the following;

At a glance, you will also be able to see your sales,
orders, reviews, products as well as announcements or messages from the admin
on the right side of your screen.

I will go on to give a brief of how to operate the dashboard
as well as the functions of the buttons and the system in general. Please note
that this is only to help you but in learning the ropes but you are required to
spend time on the site, learn by yourself and ask questions where difficulties
arise. Knowing the system well will help you fully utilize it and maximize on
your sales.



In this section, you will be able to upload photos of your
pieces on the website i.e. your shop.

You will see the ‘add new product’ button, by clicking on
it, it will enable you to choose images from your device and upload it on your

After choosing the product, you’ll proceed to fill in
information in regards to pricing, discounts if any are available,
categorization as well as the necessary tags that would go with your product.

After uploading the photos, they will await approval from
the admin and one can check on the status bar within the products categories,
the status can either be pending / approved /declined.


In this category, you the merchant will be able to see and
manage all your orders in one place. They will be placed I the categories shown
in the picture below

Here one is able to see how they are doing in terms of sales
/orders and thus be able to assess the profitability of his or her shop. You
can also be able to filter and see the specific orders by customer or by date.


In this section, you the merchant will be able to get full
financial reports on your shop. The different types of reports that you’ll be
able to generate are illustrated in the photograph below.

You will also be able to see a monthly graphical
representation of your sales for the month.

From here you’ll be able to tell the overall performance of
your shop by sales.


Here you will find reviews about your shop.

You will be able to moderate the comments so as to protect
your shop against malicious characters who may want to deliberately give bad

Contact Admin

From this page, the shop owner will be able to directly talk
to the ArtExpress team. Through this channel, they will be able to raise
complaints, suggestions, get support as well as compliment if they want.


Here, you as the shop owner will be able to put in request
to withdraw your funds from the system.

You will also be able to see the status of your requests,
they can either be pending, approved or cancelled .It will typically take
between 2-3 hours for your request to be approved. Once approved, it will take
between 0-3 working days for the money through your preferred method of

Note; -Withdrawal requests must be done within working
hours, 0830hrs-1630hrs (GMT+3) as the banks

             the same

           -Approvals will be done the same day before
close of business.  

approval, we will take 0-3 working days to disburse the funds   

           -Any money
queries should be channeled through the ‘contact admin’ button.

withdrawal amount is 80USD , any amounts below the stated will be subject to

penalization as stipulated in the vendor agreement.

Return Request

Here you will be able to see the orders that will be
returned/rejected by your customers as well the reason for the same.

You will be able to see the product details and its status
which will indicate the stage in which the ‘dispute’ is in as the admin has to
step in and resolve the issue.

Note; -This section is important as you will only be paid
for completed orders meaning all the orders 

             that will
fall in this category are not payable. In the event the customer is
dissatisfied, the

             merchant will be given a chance to rectify the
mistakes and get the issue resolved so as to make

complete and be legible for payment.

          -Quality is
what we as a team are aiming for and avoiding returns is the GOAL.

          -In the case
a product is returned, the customer will still be billed for delivery and thus
you will still  

for payment of these funds as you would have incurred the expenses.


One this page you as the vendor will be able to see messages
from your clients and thus will be your official communication channel with
your clients.

It will be important for any shop owner to always check up
on this and swiftly respond to the queries.