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Title:Aim Size: 3ft by 4ft Medium: Oil on Canvas Year: 2021 Price: $1800

I Wear My Treasure 2

Title :I Wear My Treasure 2 Size :36/48 inches Medium :Charcoal and Acrylic on canvas #2021 Inspiration: lost a great innocence when I understood that I and my mind were not going to be on good terms for the rest of my life. I can't tell you how tired I am of character-building experiences. But I treasure this part of me; whoever loves me loves me with this in it. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison Price $2000

Mask of the gods

Title: Mask of the gods Size: 100/115 cm Medium: oil on canvas Price: $1,700 Year:2022


Title:MGBEKE Medium:Acrylic on  canvas Size:42 x 48 inches Year:2022. Price:4000 USD MGBEKE -The World is your Runway The runway isn't just about showing fashion, it's about gaining confidence. And I really believe that once you've got your confidence, you can wear anything, you can do anything

Wildebeest Crossing the Mara River

Title:Wildebeest Crossing the Mara River Medium:Art Print on cotton based canvas Size:70 x 35cm Price:100 USD


Title:Loud Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:27 X 34 inches Year:2022 Price:300 USD

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