What does the UK Global Talent visa offer?

A visa for talented and promising individuals from the fields of science, engineering, medicine and humanities, digital technology and arts and culture who wish to pursue their career in the UK.

The UK Global Talent visa allows you to work in the UK on a flexible basis with fewer restrictions and costs than other immigration categories. More so the UK Global Talent Visa offers the following.

(i)Freedom to switch jobs and grow your career

Unlike the UK’s main Skilled Worker visa, Global Talent is an unsponsored immigration category. This means you have the flexibility to change roles or employers, enter self-employment, set up a spin-out company or earn money from other sources such as consultancy without seeking permission from the Home Office.

(ii)Recognition that research and innovation is global

The UK Global Talent visa allows you to travel anywhere in the world for research purposes without it counting towards the maximum time period for absences from the UK if you choose to apply for settlement.

(iii)Make a home in the UK

The UK Global Talent visa comes with considerable advantages if you wish to establish a long-term connection to the UK. This includes a fast-track to settlement after three years for the main visa holder and (if applicable) the opportunity for close family members to work in the UK.

(iv)Fast endorsement process

For the fast-track endorsement routes, the endorsing bodies usually return a decision to the Home Office within 14 working days.

(v)Lower visa fees

Excluding the UK Immigration Health Surcharge, the standard fee for a five-year UK Global Talent visa is £716, compared to £1,420-£1,500 for the Skilled Worker visa. The UK Global Talent visa is also exempt from employer sponsorship costs, including the UK Immigration Skills Charge.

(vi)Flexibility to choose visa length

The UK Global Talent visa is unique in allowing applicants to choose the length of their visa, initially up to five years, with the option to renew multiple times.

ArtExpress Arts and Culture Endorsement.

ArtExpress endorses applicants in the field of Arts and Culture. We must be sure that the artist has been recognised as an exceptional talent, or someone with exceptional promise, in the field of arts and culture.

ArtExpress offers letters of recommendation supporting the UK Global Talent Visa application.

(i)ArtExpress is a well-established arts and culture organisation or platform that has worked with international artists across the world and we have been acknowledged as experts for the UK Global Talent Visa application recommendation.

(ii)ArtExpress shows recognition of artists and ascertain evidence of winning or significantly contributing to winning an international award one that is recognized in the world of art.

(iii)ArtExpress also shows proof of an artist’s professional appearances, performances, publications or exhibitions considered internationally significant in the world of art.

(iv)ArtExpress provides evidence of extensive international distribution and sales of artists artworks.

If you’re an artist with exceptional talent and need assistance with your UK Global Talent Visa Recommendation then do reach us via our email address which is