O-1B Visa is for Individuals with extraordinary ability in the arts or major achievements in TV, motion picture, or film industry. Some examples of people or roles that might qualify for an O-1B Visa are, award-winning directors, acclaimed actors, culinary innovators, influential fashion designers, critically recognized dancers and choreographers, and renowned visual artists.

Unlike some non-immigrant visas, the O-1B Visa has “dual intent.” You can hold an O-1B Visa and simultaneously apply for a green card through employment-based sponsorship or other eligible pathways.

ArtExpress will give a testimonial as an expert art organization, agency or platform attesting to the artist’s reputation.

ArtExpress will demonstrate in proof that the artist has a history of taking on lead, starring, or undertaking critical roles in highly reputed Art Fairs and Exhibitions that are internationally recognized.

ArtExpress will provide documentary evidence such as artist reviews and articles published showing that the artist has an international reputation for being extraordinary in their field of Art.

ArtExpress will prove that the artist has commercial success in the world of art and in some cases provide evidence that the artist has generated income by the sale and distribution of their artworks.

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