ArtExpress is an online platform allowing artists to sell their art.
ArtExpress is an art advisory and consultancy agency based in Nairobi Kenya that represents African artists
with the aim of promoting their works on the global market through our online based platform. We are
involved in the sale, re-sale as well as commissioning of original works from a youthful pool of
contemporary African artists and beyond.
ArtExpress as a platform enables artists to upload their pieces, interact with potential clients and also
sell through the platform, making the process seamless and hustle free. Clients do not have to worry
about logistical challenges as we offer doorstep delivery upon placement of an order.
The goal of us as an agency is to help young African artists market their pieces to the global market
that’s close to impossible to penetrate with the traditional method of selling through galleries not
available nor affordable to them. Bridging this gap goes a long way in helping the artists get what’s
worth their craft.
Apart from involvement in the sale of pieces, we also offer valuation services which helps the young
artists to know how to determine the value of their works and in turn increase their revenue as most
undervalue their work.
We are positioned to serve collectors, one time buyers, cooperate entities as well as individuals.

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“The Ankh” Watercolor

Product is of watercolor. Dimensions : A3 size (29.7cm by 42.0cm) Framed, with a mahogany finish. Weight : ~ 1kg


This painting illustrates the quality of outstanding Men.The world today advocates and indoctrinates mankind into believing the true state of being Superior to other Men only stands on the strength of acquiring material and tangible resources. It's not true, the true state of a man is measured by the quality of his values. It communicates wisdom, dignity, wholeness, benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, love, acceptance, openness, holiness, watchfulness, prosperity, self confidence and continuous renewal.

Banana seller II

$180.00 $180.00
Stone Town is as old as the first told stories of its Island. The first Arab sea traders are said to have mentioned the 'Coast of the black people' – the land of Zenj – from which the name Zanzibar is believed to have come from. The Island's strategic and accessible location along the East African coast turned it into cosmopolitan centre where Arab, Indians, Europeans and African traditions and cultures all got merged together. Acrylic on canvas size=140cm x 132cm.


You see me here now you only trying to.


ABOUT ArtExpress

ArtExpress is a global art and related products marketplace with an African touch. Our aim is to bring your spaces to life with aesthetic and timeless pieces. The founders who are Art lovers from Kenya, East Africa found it hard to access contemporary works at affordable prices and thus decided to bridge the gap between the clients ; the buyers of the pieces and the young artists of the continent.We strive to bring to the global space fresh and untapped talents in artists,photographers as well as illustrators.
We as the team work with the artists who are the backbone of our business to ensure that the client gets exactly what they ordered for and within the agreed upon timeframe; from the workshop to your space.

Apart from providing a marketplace for our vendors, we also engage them in forums that bring industry players together so as to make the African Art space vibrant and fulfilling.

If you’ve been asking yourself the below questions as an artist,art curator,art enthusiast or simply as an individual who loves art be sure that you’re in the right art platform

Where can I sell my art online for free?

Here at ArtExpress we’ve made it easy to upload your art pieces and artwork. In less than 5 minutes you can register or sign up.Start uploading you’re art paintings,home décor, original artwork,wall art,sculptures,drawings,canvas prints,abstract art, canvas prints and more.It’s very easy to sell your art online for free at ArtExpress.

How can I make money with my art online?

Directly sell your art to potential customers and clients at our platform if you’re an artist,art agent,art gallery,art exhibition studio,art studio.Make money by selling your original arwork,art paintings,canvas prints,sculptures,drawings,art media and home décor at ArtExpress

Where can I sell my artwork online? Visit ArtExpress home page.

How do I find art online? Browse the numerous art categories at our shop for paintings,home décor, original artwork,wall art,sculptures,drawings,canvas prints,abstract art canvas prints.

How do you price original art? We help artists price their original art and artworks on our platform.We believe in the hard work that artists put in to have outstanding pieces.It’s only fair enough to let them earn what they truly deserve.

How do you choose wall art?  With the best wall art around simply browse the numerous categories and pick what you like. Decorate your home or office with museum-quality wall art – delivered right to your doorstep with a money-back guarantee. We’re the largest wall art site in Africa with numerous paintings for sale from the hundreds of living artists. Each artistic design may be purchase as a canvas print, framed print, poster, art print, metal print, wood print, and more.Go to

How do I find local artists? Browse through paintings from classic artists all over Africa and beyond. We have acrylics, watercolors, and every medium in between. Each painting and artwork is available to purchase as an original. Decorate your home with incredible paintings from Africa’s online greatest artists dealing with contemporary African Art.

How do I start Selling my art? Sign up or register at ArtExpress..Set up your artist store.Upload Art pieces in the different categories.Let art lovers and art enthusiasts find your art online.Why not give it a try at

Where is the best place to sell art online? ArtExpress is the best website online to sell your art online.We do not charge you any fees to upload your art pieces.Accessing our tools is free.Why not maximize on this and start selling your art online for free?

How do I get my artwork noticed online? Create an artist store.Then upload your art pieces online.We then help you market on Facebook,Instagram, on our web platform and in our mobile application.

How do I organize for art events or sell and buy art tickets online? Start organizing art events,art exhibitions, online art galleries in Africa and sell art event tickets online for free at ArtExpress.No setup fee!Simply add a new art event,add a new art event title,add an art event description,add art event time and date.Add clear art event images,add art event tags,add art venue details and finally add art event tickets.Visit and start selling art event tickets today!

It’s now easy, faster and secure to Sell and Buy Art Online. If you’re interested in selling Art Online you’re in the right place. No matter what type of Art you want to sell or buy we have the technology to help you achieve what you want.We are also looking forward to support Art Galleries, Art Exhibitions and Art Events in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large.


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