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This painting illustrates the quality of outstanding Men.The world today advocates and indoctrinates mankind into believing the true state of being Superior to other Men only stands on the strength of acquiring material and tangible resources. It's not true, the true state of a man is measured by the quality of his values. It communicates wisdom, dignity, wholeness, benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, love, acceptance, openness, holiness, watchfulness, prosperity, self confidence and continuous renewal.

Between the colours

The stress of toiling only to live in frustration, penury, disappointment and unfulfilled dreams among the Nigerian Youth. The pressure to perform without the opportunity to do so has led many into unstoppable addiction, frustration and depression. All hope seem lost, the purpose of living is defeated, thereby leading to suicidal thoughts. Life isn't fair, but when there is life, there is hope.

Illusion of beauty

A beauty that rejuvenates, A voice that revitalizes, A presence that inspires aw, A tender touch, so radiant and soft. No one like the woman that owns your heart.

Never leave me

$750.00 $750.00
it's a sympathy to the aged i came across to such animals and i found they care more for their loved once. Acrylic on canvas size= 94cm x 68cm.


I have read stories in newspapers and online about how little girls have been abused sexually and this is becoming a trend. Young girls between ages 2 to 15 are sexually abused and 80% of don't get to tell their story due to fear, loneliness and ignorance from their parents. Therefore, they keep all these emotional and sexual trauma all to themselves, hence without proper attention, hence affecting them negatively. This piece is to urge we all to help and support these girls in anyway possible even if it is by telling their story.

Unequally yoked

A pictorial representation of the feminine pain as a result of neglect, irresponsibility, carelessness, misunderstanding and domestic violence, but still faithful and willing to push through. Therefore, leaving the female broken hearted, with no option than to call on her creator.