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Abstract Painting

I'm selling an original abstract painting done using watercolor medium. It's framed and the art is drawn on Canson XL cold pressed watercolor paper, 27.9 × 38.1 cm.

Big Brown Eyes

Acrylics on canvas 60cm by 80cm

Inner Worlds, 2020

An internal visualisation of what other worlds look like.

Lakeside, 2020


Abstract depiction of the sky.

Pink & White Landscape, 2020

$200.00 $200.00
An abstract pink & white landscape.

Retroperspective, 2020

$110.00 $110.00
A retro perspective of a parallel universe created by the artist.


Acrylic on canvas 70cm by 80cm Thematic painting

Smooth & Creamy, 2020

A creamy combination of black and smooth pink.