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Visitors have the opportunity to guide in the Online Art Exhibitions and communicate with the artists or their Art galleries.Visitors can talk and buy the artworks they love directly without losing time and money.Visitors also have an opportunity to ask the artists questions directly.

1.I found art in the Hands of my elder brother, I met colours on the streets of Kaduna and in my parents clothes, I am very interested in the relationship between Colours and Identity.My work must instill and challenge the thoughts of Its audience,It must make them appreciate who they are,Whether Nubian or Caucasian or Espanic. Wherever they are from, to instill peace with ones identity~BARA SKETCHBOOK


2.My fields of interests include painting and interior design. Abstract art has always been my niche as I have been able to express myself in many ways as possible, through color, forms,lines, and portraits on canvas. I also work on realism, mostly portrait with color pencils and graphite on paper and also other conventional and non-conventional media with acrylics and watercolor paints. I have participated in various exhibitions like Somali Cultural Heritage at the Kenya National Theatre, a group exhibition at the Igiza Lounge which was formerly situated next to the Kenya National Theatre, FINTECH festival 2019 at KSMS (Kenya School of Monetary Service), African Art Collection exhibition at the Waterfront,Karen and exhibited in various restaurants, currently exhibiting at the Winning Post Restaurant and here at ArtExpress Online Art Exhibitions~EILEEN TAMINING


3.He has participated in several art exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad, likewise some art competitions. He is an impressionistic painter with the use of different brilliant colours, motifs and patterns. Most of his paintings are based on African people, culture, stories and economic situation around him. Art is a way of life just like culture is. Art has always been a central way of sharing our way of life, expressing our inner most thoughts, feelings and ideas~AKINTAYO AKINTOBI


4.Olalekan Odunbori was born in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria in 1989. When he was 10, he discovered his passion for drawing and ever since then, has been practicing art. While growing up, he was exposed to art that was rooted in the cultural festivals of his hometown. The Egungun festival was one of them and he was most fascinated by the detailing on the different paintings of masquerades done at the entrance of each participating family house. Olalekan holds a Higher National Diploma in Painting from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos.
Olalekan’s current style can be described as ‘semi-abstract art’; drawing on the cubism movement. He loves to express his ideas using pure colours, African motifs, lines and patterns because they signify the vibrancy and tenacity of his people.
He has participated in several group exhibitions including Lasgidi Cutural Arts Exhibition, Freedom Park, Lagos, 2015; Society Of Nigerian Artists (SNA) October Rain Art Exhibition, Thought Pyramid Gallery, Ikoyi Lagos, 2018; Lagos State Council For Arts And Culture, Bridging The Cultural Divide, Ikeja Lagos, 2019; and Miniature Art fair, Mega Plaza Car Park, Lagos, 2019.
He currently lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.
Odunbori believes that Art is a tool for correcting the wrongs of the society and artists are prophets sent from God to the masses.

5.Luladey Takele Art Exhibition.

My work is explicitly rooted in my African heritage as it allows me to tell my story. It’s a demonstration of the land, the people and the cultures I love. I hope to positively represent everyone who identifies themselves as Africans. It is for those who relate to the pieces but most importantly, for those who are constantly working towards self healing.My art is for the lost souls and for the generations to come. My art is a mirror image of who is looking. It reflects and imparts recognition of our bold, unapologetic, resilient and beautiful self, especially when it doesn’t feel like it ~ LULA TAKELE

6.I am a Material artist, Performance artist and Art director. I find myself intrigued with the way materials behave and the patterns they go through, especially because I find a connection with human psychology. My technical understanding of material science is supported by a Bsc degree in Civil Engineering which enables me to merge scientific principles with artistic concepts. This has influenced my experimental approach to material manipulation such as using different chemical reactions on metal to create art, using optical and audio concepts in my art, among other materials~NAITIEMU NYANJOM