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“The Ankh” Watercolor

Product is of watercolor. Dimensions : A3 size (29.7cm by 42.0cm) Framed, with a mahogany finish. Weight : ~ 1kg


11 APRIL On the coup d’etat morning; unidentified armed forces  from previous regime shot protestors at the sit-in area  from  unfinished building  owned by former president of Sudan SIZE: 190CM X 120CM YEAR: 2020


$850.00 $850.00
This artwork was inspired by iconic classic old men who smoked pipe. oil on canvas 120cm by 100cm oil on canvas


SIZE: 42 X 36 inches YEAR: 2019 Iganmu,Lagos Nigeria.

Boats at Kasenyi

SIZE: 120CM X 90CM YEAR: 2020

Crossroads III

SIZE: 36 X 24 inches YEAR: 2020

Crossroads IV

SIZE: 48 X 36 inches YEAR: 2020