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African lady

This is my view of an African lady. Most African ladies today, mostly from my area, they tend not to do chores. They are after being successful which is not a bad thing to be a successful woman, but to forget a role as a woman in the community is becoming a problem in our African society. A woman can be successful and the same time tend to do things that an African woman should do to her society.

African woman

$100.00 $100.00
Quality mounted mixed media African Art piece.

African Woman

$100.00 $100.00
A2 mounted Mixed media piece

D540 (Story Teller)

SIZE: 101CM X 140CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 80CM X 70CM YEAR: 2020

D551 (Knowledge)

SIZE: 129CM X 102CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 93CM X 67CM YEAR: 2020