Featured Artist Victor Isiguzo(London)

Victor Ginikachukwu Isiguzo, known as Codex Art, is a multitalented digital artist who is valued for his work that potrays strong representation of the African woman as a focus to promote a rich culture and also as a sign of utmost respect and value for women worldwide. His is a Nigeria who currently lives in the United Kingdom.

Victor’s artistic journey began during his days in primary school when he would create portraits and drawings for friends who would in turn pay him in cash or kind by helping out with school work.Born into a family of artistic individuals, his mother a fashion designer and his father a gospel musical artiste and music director. They whole family supported him in his quest to grow as a artist and it didn’t come to them as a surprise as they knew the extent of his skill.

Victor’s parents eventually divorced when he was 10 years old, which greatly saddened him and caused him to face academic challenges. However, his love for art remained unaffected, and in fact, his creativity flourished. By the time he turned 16, he had already begun earning money by selling his artwork within his church and local community.

A graduate of Fine Art from the University of Benin, Nigeria, He has refined his expertise as a painter of fine art and a Digital artist. Victor first founded Codex Artwork as an online group for creatives both professional and upcoming connect and learn from one another. He saw this as an opportunity to contribute and take on the responsibility of mentoring aspiring artists, aiding them in honing their skills. Codex Artwork would secure spots at nearby exhibitions for its members, while also hosting competitions to foster a sense of healthy rivalry among its artists. Over time, the collective underwent a transformation, establishing itself as a recognized brand as an increasing number of individuals began to take notice and express interest in acquiring their unique artworks.

Victor values various art forms as he has experimented with multiple art styles to convey his thoughts. He has opted to showcase his talents in the realm of digital art because he feels a strong sense of belonging in it. Additionally, his expertise as a seasoned digital marketer has enabled him to assist companies in connecting with their target audience effectively. Utilizing modern technology is where he finds the utmost comfort in expressing himself.