As lockdown extends from weeks into months, the stream of charitable initiatives to help those adversely affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis continues. More and more artists and ArtExpress are joining forces either to offer individual artworks or mount online exhibitions to benefit a range of good causes connected with the impact of the coronavirus. A pandemic may seem like a strange time to begin collecting art but if a purchase delivers the double whammy of making a charitable donation and owning a great work, then why not?

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African Identity Liberty

Title:African Identity Liberty Medium:installation nails on wooden canvas acrylic paint Size:120cm x 90cm Price:2000 USD

Unresolved II

Title:Unresolved II Size;37 x 48 inches Medium:Acrylic on canvas Year:2022 Price:3000 USD

Glamour II

Title:Glamour II Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:37 by 48inches Price:$2,000

Way of Water

Title:Way of Water Medium:Mixed Media Size:100cm x 80cm Year:2023 Price:1500 usd

Snake Charmer

Tittle:Snake Charmer Medium:Mixed media on canvas Size:80cm x 60cm Year:2022 Price:350 usd


Tittle:Kobe Medium:Mixed media on canvas Size: 60cm x 60cm Year: 2022 Price:500 usd

Kazi Kazi

Title:Kazi Kazi Medium:Mixed Media Size:130cm x 80cm Year:2021 Price:1500 usd


Title:Jando Medium:Mixed Media Size:140cm x 89cm Year:2022 Price:4000 usd

Fire and water

Title:Fire and water Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 31 x 35inches Price:185 USD

Stop the war

Title:stop the war Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:31 x 43inches Price:200 USD

My heaven’s curtain

Title:My heaven’s curtain Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 23 x 38 inches Price:150 USD

Meeting Point 2

Title:Meeting Point 2 Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:31 x 43inches Price:200 USD