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African hair..

When it comes to African is the most amazing piece..and when we heart it ,it will give back the love. 16 cm by 20cm .

Ankara art

It depicts African culture in terms of what clothing suites us


Title:BROKEN Size:14.5 × 19 inches Medium:Graphite pencil on paper Price:65 USD

Capturing a memory

Title:Capturing a memory Medium:pencil and charcoal on canvas Size:25cm×36cm Year:2020 Price:23 USD


Faber Castell Polychromos 12 pcs on A3 cartridge paper.

Colour Vision

Title:Colour Vision Medium:coloured pencils on cartilage paper Size:30cm×40cm Year:2015 Price:35 USD


Portrait was done in both graphite pencil on Bristol Vellum paper and was completed in 2021. The original artwork is available in 9 by 12 inches (22.86cm by 30.48cm). Prints available in size 8" by 12" (20.32cm by 30.48cm).


Title:I CAME I SAW I CONQUERED Size:27.5 × 24.5 inches Medium:Charcoal pencil paper Price:95 USD

Lady in gaze

Life is not about tension and hurry ....take time to appreciate the peace of mind every time you get the chance to..... SIZE: 18.9CM X 23.5CM

Live life

Did this a while back seeing how time passes without some of us in it. We got to live the full span of it.