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SIZE: 21CM X 29.7CM YEAR: 2020

African Woman Painting

$55.00 $55.00
I created this work of art during Covid-19 to start my passion in art.

African women mozaic

african woman mozaic made from used beer and sodan cans

Arum Lily

A multiple frame canvas painting depicting the arum lily

Better Days

Acrylic paints on faux leather. Watching the sunset while reminiscing and hoping for a better tomorrow


mozaic made from used cans


$55.00 $55.00
Get the little African boy a jug of cocoa  and you'll become besties. size: 30cm x 21cm

Colours of Life

Colourful semi abstract landscape painting of trees and sunrise in background - symbolic of growth, change and the myriads of colours that make life beautiful and worthwhile.


SIZE: 37.5CM X 37.5CM YEAR: 2020


SIZE: 37.5CM X 18CM (each) YEAR: 2020 comes as a set.