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African hair..

When it comes to African is the most amazing piece..and when we heart it ,it will give back the love. 16 cm by 20cm .

Ankara art

It depicts African culture in terms of what clothing suites us


You see me here now you only trying to.


Faber Castell Polychromos 12 pcs on A3 cartridge paper.

Dark Side

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶ There are two choices, everyone has it's own bad or evil side in us. Your choice is to know which one is better for you between both good side and bad side.


SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶Most of our leaders are jokers or we are all jokers. We deceive one another just to have what we want. We don't care about what might happen to the other people we cheated on. We are all Jokers.


SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶ When it comes to love life, we have all had a lot of experiences , heart broken and the romantic side to it. Remembering those in the past will always bring back some beautiful moments that will put a smile on the face. 

Healing The World

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020   ▶ This piece tries to explain that we should all unite and help one another. Doing so we are saving ourselves and the planet. 

Heaven is Home

SIZE: 10 X 12 inches YEAR: 2020 ▶This piece is meant to preach to us all no matter the position you are presently in. Whether you are a believer or not, whether you like it or not that we are all going to die and return to heaven. It goes with the world. The world is a market, heaven is home.