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11 APRIL On the coup d’etat morning; unidentified armed forces  from previous regime shot protestors at the sit-in area  from  unfinished building  owned by former president of Sudan SIZE: 190CM X 120CM YEAR: 2020

41 Things

Title:41 Things Medium:Wood fiber, acrylic metal and wire Size:40 x 40 inches. Year:2021. Price:4000 USD 41 Things I Wish I Could Say To The Guy Who Took My Virginity 1. Thanks for being the person to teach me about heartbreak 2...

A black woman is an open book

Title:A black woman is an open book Size:62cmx42cm Medium:Oil paint & Gold Dust on Brown Paper Year: 2022 Price:2075 USD

A day off

Medium: acrylic on canvas, Original Art Painting Dimension: 60cm x 90cm Year: 2021

A Goodbye Letter to My First Love

Title:A Goodbye Letter to My First Love Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:40 x 40inches Year:2021 Price:4000 USD Your first love is always the hardest. It also teaches you so much about yourself for future relationship. Here is my goodbye letter to my first love.

A helping Hand

Title:A helping Hand Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:60cm x 90cm Price:200 USD

A New Dawn

Medium: acrylic on canvas, Original Art Painting.
Dimensions: 55cm x 64cm
Year: 2021.


Abandoned Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:120cm x 100cm Price:$1200

Abandoned Woman

Medium: acrylic on canvas Size: 79cm x 90cm Year:2021


Title:Abike Medium:Acrylic on canvas Size:18 × 24 inches Year:2022 Price:$1,000

Across the Counter

Title:Across the Counter Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Size:48inchs by 48inchs Year:2022 Price:845 USD

Afia Shwa

Title:Afia Shwa Size:70CM X 51CM Medium:Acrylic on Canvas Price:$400