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A Little More Tolerance

SIZE: 15 X 12 inches YEAR: 2019 Iganmu Lagos,Lagos Nigeria.


SIZE: 120CM by 170CM YEAR: 2019/20

Arum Lily

A multiple frame canvas painting depicting the arum lily

Backyards of Nairobi CBD

This is an improved replica of previously sold artwork titled African food Security.

Banana seller II

$1,800.00 $1,800.00
Stone Town is as old as the first told stories of its Island. The first Arab sea traders are said to have mentioned the 'Coast of the black people' – the land of Zenj – from which the name Zanzibar is believed to have come from. The Island's strategic and accessible location along the East African coast turned it into cosmopolitan centre where Arab, Indians, Europeans and African traditions and cultures all got merged together. Acrylic on canvas size=140cm x 132cm.


SIZE: 50 X 60 inches YEAR: 2020 This relates to mental, physical or spiritual battles of life we fight day by day as humans. Though there are losses, same way there are wins and it only takes the strong willed person to prevail. “Where there is a will, there is always a way”.


2FT BY 3FT YEAR: 2020/19 Get to see the art Piece in the online art exhibition by Bara Sketchbook PIXEL BY BARA SKETCHBOOK


SIZE: 185CM by 135CM YEAR: 2019/20


2FT BY 3FT YEAR: 2020