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Mystery Tree

Semi-abtract environmental painting inspired by nature.  The scratches are a symbol of the destruction of forests and the bright colours

Reconnections with Nature II

Landscape painting 120 cm x 100 cm Gift or wall decor Ready to be shipped! And delivered. Gallery wrapped.  

Reconnections with Nature

Scenic serene autumn landscape painting inspired by European autumn season when the leaves are colourful and bright and the lake water is calm and peace ful- a reminder of the innate peace & beauty within us and of the natural world around us.

Flowers of Tomorrow

Floral Painting symbolic of beauty, uniqueness and delicacy of nature- a reminder of valuing every moment since all the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. Every positive thought or action today leaves a lasting impression tomorrow.

The Little Fish

Life in the sea is so beautiful in the eyes of color!

Peaceful Waterfalls

Don’t you just like the sound of rushing water? This is a watercolor painting on paper. It’s A3 size ( 41.7 cm by 29.7 cm). Framing is done upon request.

Artificial Aloe String Art

Aloe Vera (coloured string on a nail board)