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Meadow Flowers

mixture of meadow flowers against a bright blue sky - a symbol of the diversity, beauty, colourful vibrance within nature. Size : 50 cm x 50 cm Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

The Big Wave

sun view seen through a big wave in the ocean - a reminder of the Beauty, Power & Resilience of nature Size : 90 cm x 70 cm Medium : Oil on Canvas

Peaceful Boat at the Lake

serene view of boat by a lake on a sunlit day

First day home

Artist: Lambert Mukiza Medium: Oil on canvas Height: 61 cm Width: 47 cm


Artist: Lambert Mukiza Height: 72 cm Width: 89 cm Medium: Oil on canvas


Artist: Lambert Mukiza Height: 75 cm Width: 60 cm Medium: Oil on canvas

Farmhouse Arched Mirror

Title:Farmhouse Arched Mirror Mirrored Glass WEIGHT:5kgs DIMENSIONS:110×2.5×80cm MIRROR SIZES:110cmx80cm PRICE:270 USD