Featured Artist Wisdom Chitembetembe(Zimbabwe)


Being born an artist is not by choice, but rather a more precious gift granted to the lucky ones by the maker. I was given the gift of life in the year 1996, in the grass lands of Zimbabwe but currently residing in south Africa in the city of Johannesburg . I am a self-taught visual Artist. I mostly love to express myself through art, using art as my voice to depict the everyday life of the people within my community and other places that surrounds me. My main drive or the message behind my work is to educate, inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift the discouraged as I share with the world the life experiences of myself and that of the other people that leave within my sphere of influence. This is a part of my story and their story.

When you dream of something, leave your dream and chase your dreams. Don’t  wait  for  tomorrow  because  time  might  be  wasted  and tomorrow might never come. Life is a journey in which there’s no master to it Sometimes it might be challenging but wipe the tears away and hope for a better tomorrow Living a life without hope is more like a ship sailing at the deepest sea without its captain Focus your mind on the present and leave the future to present itself.

When all hope is gone, and life is like a mystery Feeling so hopeless and so damaged by the ages I reminisce. So, wounded from deep within Why is this so? Is a question that’s forever in my mind Is there a better tomorrow that I can hope for? Is there someone out there who still cares if I leave to see another day. I cry tears that no longer flow on my cheeks My tear glands have run dry Like a desert wetland with no source of rejuvenating. I bowl my head in sorrow paying tribute to those infant aged days when my life was so joyful like a baby’s laughter. With mom to care for me but now I am alone. Rates have become my only friends, as we share dinner together in those city rusty rubbish bins. My world is so homeless and so lonely.

Dreams of a better place. Sweet dreams carry my soul to a mysterious place Where I am free like a bird in the clear summer blue sky, of a tropical rain forest, where humans haven’t discovered the treasured timber. So, I can feel free like a slave unbound by the shackles(chains) of the political world we leave in. Where money is the definition of poor and wealth. Where the poor leave free and peaceful than the richer, who are plagued by debts of the political fueled system. Please don’t wake me up from the fantasy dream of a peaceful world. Where humanity still exists and sorrow is unknown. Joy is endless Tears never kiss my cheek’s And poverty doesn’t exist.