Featured Artist Moussa Issarou(Cameroon)

My name is Moussa Issarou (alias Moses Mous), Cameroonian painter born January 24, 1995 in Maroua. Being the last born of a sibling of twelve children, I had the chance to observe how my elders were doing (through sewing, shoemaking, etc.) and from a very young age I was pushed to artistic creation (drawing, screen printing, calligraphy) by my dad, who promised me to enroll in an art school (something that did not exist in my city) After my secondary studies sanctioned by a Baccalaureate A4 Spanish in 2015, I enrolled in French Modern Letters then in Plastic Arts, my passion for artistic practice led me to interrupt my studies to work in a screen printing workshop and then decide to pursue a career in painting. my impregnation I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with elders who really introduced me to the world of visual arts, hence my participation in the Yelwata Maroua Festival 2017; The exhibition at the 2020 Cultural Return and also at the International Visual Art Colloquium “Arts and Emergence in Africa” ​​where I was awarded first; in June 2021 I was the regional winner of the Young Hopes Competition organized by Doual’Art and I benefited from an exhibition in the premises of Doual’Art at the same time. Initiated by the visual artist Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou, the VISION exhibition was the last artistic encounter in which I participated in the premises of the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture of the Far North during the month of July 2021.

In my studio, I paint the urbanity “Made in Africa”, which is inspired by the encounters during my artistic practices mentioned above but also my societal dreams, uninhibited, those of a youth who wants to live their life as she sees fit.


Regional Young Hopes Competition

2nd Prize

International Colloquium “Arts and Emergence in Africa”

1st prize

Professional Experience

2021 -Exhibition of Moustapha Baïdi’s “VISION” project at theRegional Delegation of Arts and Culture ofthe Far North.

2021 -Exhibition at the Doual’art Gallery.

2021 -Regional Exhibition Young Hopes Contest at theRegional Delegation of Arts and Culture ofthe Far North.

2021 -Exhibition at the “Assaweré Derke-EN” Festival.

2020 -Exhibition at the International Colloquium “Arts and Emergencein Africa”.

2017 -Exhibition at the Yelwata Maroua Festival.