Featured Artist Oksanna Dias(Angola)

I feel privileged for the conquests that I have achieved in terms of space in the environment of contemporary Angolan art, albeit at a chameleon`s pace. My work is the result of the experiences I acquire during my journey, which despite the mishaps has provided me with several valences. My own and other people`s experiences, mistakes and successes as a human being and life in society in general have gained prominence in my works, although the focus is on the figure of women. Painting moments of individual and collective experiences that incorporates concepts of violence, social exclusion and allowing me to show the vision of the world. I have been exploring and working with recyclable materials to enhance sustainable art.

4 years into this journey, most of my first steps are recorded as a street artist, having already been in many collective projects, highlighting, among them:

•2019 – I participated in painting the mural promoted by UNICEF, to salute the convention on the rights of the child;

•2020 – I was part of the group of artists who painted a mural promoted by Fundação Arte e Cultura, Ilha de Luanda, as part of the 1st edition of the “One Voice” project, which honors the “heroes” who intervened in the fight against Covid-19;

•2021 – I participated in a mural promoted by the Centro Cultural Brasil – Angola which aimed to show what is done in terms of culture and tourism in CPLP countries

•2021 – 2022 – I joined the artistic residency ResiliArt Angola, resulting from the partnership between the American Schools of Angola, UNESCO and the Government of Angola, which had two editions, the most recent one being the 16 Days of Activism on gender violence.

•2023 – I participated in the second edition of the artistic residency “Nzinga” promoted by the Movart Gallery.

•2023 – ResiliArt Residence –Women who tell stories.

Title: African Woman

Technique: Mixed Media


Dimension: 135cm x 100cm

The culture and history of African women reflect the evolution and history of the continent itself. This work is part of the exhibition resulting from the 1st edition of the artistic residency ResiliArt Angola, and represents the history that is composed of queens, warriors and spiritual leaders who broke customs, conquered power and respect expanded domains fought European invaders and instilled courage in their people, making way for other formidable African women to reflect their strength and courage.

Title: Don’t touch me

Technique: Mixed Media


Dimension: 135cm x 110cm

Children are often unable to express themselves, even though they abhor certain behavior of adults. Within the scope of the work I developed in this project “Don’t touch me” is a work that shows the revulsion, fear and distrust of an innocent child, of a girl who, though her gaze, leaves a warning for the abusive adult. There is a thinker who says that the eyes are not only the mirror of the soul, but also the reflection of the heart. And even if some looks are difficult to decipher, we need to learn to follow the will of others and a child without blemish, who is not his own master, deserves even more respect and care. This painting is a call to attention for inhuman beings, without as little sensitivity as possible, without heart, capable of acts as nefarious as child sexual abuse. Through this work, I imagine all the children in the world screaming in unison that they don´t want to be touched, and why they shouldn’t. We need to review the kind of world we want before we drag children into the collapsed universe of adults.

Title: Black Musa

Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas


Dimension: 60cm x 90cm

It is important to have a position on blackness itself,  on  curly  hair,  dark skin, broad nose, full lips, highlighting the need to resist in the world and fight for one´s own existence. This work is dedicated to every black woman, so that she can be proud of herself, and even though people say her hair is bad and her skin is ugly, recognize her black beauty and make a point of showing it to the world.