Featured Artist Roaa Kamal(Sudan)

I’m Roaa Kamal. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Fine and Applied Arts, Department of “Coloring”, I graduated in 2012. Since my childhood, I have always loved the hobby of drawing and aspire to make many exhibitions inside and outside Sudan, and I always try hard to make paintings in a simplified way to deliver them to all age groups and all nationalities.

I opened my first solo exhibition at the French Cultural Center in 2015.And the second exhibition at Universal Café Restaurant 2016.I participated in many group exhibitions, including (Baba Costa Center, Donia Dabanga, Downtown Gallery, Khartoum International Fair, Afra Mall, National Museum Gardens, Ozen, and others…(.I participated in the »Yalla Khartoum« project with a group of plastic artists in 2015. 

NB : Venue  for  permanent  exhibition  of  my  paintings  “Mojo”  “Donia  Dabanga” “Downtown  Gallery  ”  “Shams”  “remenar”

And now »Line« is my third solo exhibition 2022. Soon I will open my own showroom.

Line Exhibition

In the beginning, the topic began with me as a challenge to make one color in all it’s degrees for the entire painting without the need for any other color, and I chose that the paintings be abstract, but in a clear picture.

I was always drawn to my first lines at the beginning of the planning of any painting and I thought a lot to make it the opposite and to make those lines the last and basis of the painting. So it was the most important part in the foundation. Prominent lines to form together a new style.