Featured Artist Richard Adusu(Ghana)

Richard Adusu, a Ghanaian contemporary artist and a musician born in the early 80’s, lives and works in Greater Accra, Ghana. He holds Diploma in painting from The Ghanatta College of Arts and Designs. His talent was discovered during his elementary stage whereby he draws with chalks, ordinary charcoals, pens, pencils etc…

He began as a landscape naturalistic painter who love oceanic and river scenes because he grew up around the shores of Accra, a portraitist and a photographer. Through many years of experience and experimentations, he arrived on a style he called “Spontaneous Realism” as a trademark for his art. Whereby he applies the paints in a high viscosity, whiles he moves freely with his brush strokes without any restrictions to create a colorful texturized impression on his subject matter. Tactility, broken textures, dots, lines and uniqueness in color hues are some qualities a bystander can identify in his works topography. 


Richard Adusu’s style was inspired by the army camouflage, whereby through continuous practices and experimentations, it was developed to this unique stage.

The reason for the black backgrounds is to shift from the norm and also to tell the correlation, respect and harmony between black and white race as one cannot do without the other. He calls that “the holy matrimony”. This is to emphasize Equality and to damn “Racism”. 


Adusu’s paintings has been collected by many dignitaries both locally and abroad and also by high profile personalities like the First Lady of Ghana HRH. Rebecca Akuffo Addo, Prof. Kwaw Paintsil Ansah an award-winning Ghanaian film maker, and many more. Richard Adusu was the one who painted the “Kente Flag Design” in the new ultra modern Kumasi Kejetia market in the Ashanti Region, commissioned by Emilak Company Limited.

Richard Adusu (Artist Statement)

 I believe being an artist is a calling and it simply means you must be born with it to become an artist else you will definitely relent. I will simply say Art is a ministry given to me by the Creator to impart positivity into humanity and not to create discordances. Because I believe artists are solution givers, I take my inspiration from the beauty of nature and day to day activities around me and the world at large. My paintings explores social, political, cultural and religious issues and their effects on the human identity and emotions. 

My purpose is to remain truthful to my ministry as an artist who brings to light the reality and the beauty of our existence. 


2006 – Hotel Wangara Accra (group)

2008 – Image Horizone Accra (solo)

2012 – Novotel Hotel Accra (group)

2017 – Accra City Hotel (group)

2017 – National Theatre – Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA)

2018 – National Theatre (GAVA) group

2019 – The Accra Art Centre (GAVA) Variations 2019

2020 – The Accra Art Centre (GAVA) “Since 1957”