Featured Artist George Emmanuel(Tanzania)

He  is  a  visual  artist  who  paints  based  in  Dar  es  salaam  Tanzania.He  started    loving art  in  very  young  age  just  after  finishing  studies,  and    on  2014  he  officially  started in  this  journey  of  Art.  his  works  are  mainly  influenced  his  emotions  and  his surroundings,he  often  merges  traditional  Tanzanian  techniques  with  conceptual concepts.  He  experiments  with-painting(tingatinga)  and  graphics,  the  abstract  and the real, portraiture and cubism,he participated  in various exhibition as war against corruption  in  2014,east  Africa  art  biennale  in  2019,Berlin  lamifa  Art  &  Dine#4  in 2020,Belgium embassy in 2020,In progress in2020,Inner visions in2020,Women in art  in  2021,Hakuna  kulala  in  2021,  Tanzanian  artists  with  Ashley  Collins  in  2022, Hapo zamani za kale by ac4dafrica in 2023 and You see me, I see you by Nafasi art space in Rangi gallery in 2023.

This piece is all about work. All the people in the society who struggle day and night to take care of their families. It’s not a matter of what they do but they do it to survive. In the city of Dar es saalam which is also known as the city that does not sleep as people work daily in day and night. Men seem to struggle more because the society has higher expectations from a man as the provider of the family but women struggle even much more even doing illegal activities such as prostitution as side hustles to satisfy their needs. The struggle is even more at night because it’s the time where a person can’t go home empty handed.