Featured Artist Okunola Seun(Nigeria)

Okunola Victor Oluwaseun, also known as 4d, is a Nigerian artist born on July 30th 1995, in Ede-Osun state Nigeria . His father Okunola Moses is an entrepreneur. 4d is the fourth in a family of five siblings. He attended Baptist high school Ede, Osun state and at the age of 12 he had already showed interest in art and painting. He developed his passion and love for art in the early stage of his childhood. He said he would always be cheerful and amused every time he found the opportunity to play with colors and other painting objects.

The love and interest for colors developed so much that it became the major intrinsic factor that mothered and inspired him to push a career and also create a professional goal in art. Growing up, he was subjected to several challenges and limitations emanating from his environment.

Considering these constraints, he moved to Lagos state, Nigeria, at the age 19 and has been privileged to identify his strength and the available opportunities which are essential to his growth. with so much consistency, complemented with the desire to advance his art skills, he has engaged himself in various master classes in art and also participated in different exhibitions in Lagos, while he is currently making plans to hold his personal exhibition. 4d is an artist who’s devoted so much commitment through consistency and hard work in order to advance in skill (both conceptual and innovative skill).

The category of art in which he is trained and mastered is called impasto art.

Impasto is a technique used in painting where paint is laid on an area of the surface in very thick layers, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife stroke are visible. Most of his works are used to express human feelings, human lifestyles and nature. Art and artwork generally in urban and modern cities of the world, is very germier to the development of hotel and hospitality management, art and culture and the tourism sector in general.

Being a student in his final year 4d is currently studying visual art in Yaba college of technology, Yaba Lagos. As a student in department of art he has been able to acquire and develop various techniques in painting.

4d worked with renowned artist Dr. Bolaji Ogunwo , a veteran artist who has influenced and motivated the performance of other artists through his enormous achievements in the industry. Revealing to his audience in an interview, 4d said “ Dr. Bolaji Ogunwo is my mentor and I have learnt so much from him which is so evident in the style of art I create ” most of 4d’s works can be sighted in videos and found in the office of notable comedian like Mr. Macaroni including the General Overseas of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and many others.