Featured Artist Rashida Anjarwalla(Tanzania)

My name is Rashida. My art brand name is Rashida Anjarwalla-Nurbhai Art. Anjarwalla is my maiden surname, and, Nurbhai is my married surname.My creativity is a reflection of everything that has influenced me to be the person I am today thus, my art brand name is a holistic representation of my journey as an artist.

I was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. After marriage I relocated to Arusha, Tanzania.As an African, Tanzania based,Artist my concentration is towards creating paintings related to Africa, as I would love the world to see the beauty of Africa through my artwork.

My everyday role revolves around being a Daughter, Sister,Wife,Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Homemaker, and an Entrepreneur.As an Entrepreneur, currently, I am working as a full time Artist.

I am an Artist,Food Processing Expert, Nutritionist, and one of the Directors at the family owned business Bulk Group Of Companies (Tanzania).Painting,Reading,Golfing,Hiking,Baking-are my hobbies.

I am a self taught Artist. Painting has been a much loved hobby since childhood. I decided to develop my interest in art and pursue it as abusiness in 2020.I wanted to create an outlet for my work – to enable me to paint more. Also, I wanted to use my talent to give back to thecommunity.This birthed Rashida Anjarwalla-Nurbhai Art.

Allah loves a skilled craftsperson; the more skilled they are, the more closer they grow to their Creator.-Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

A person’s craft is their treasure. -Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS)

Currently, I create:

1)Acrylic paintings on specialized cotton based canvas.

2)Canvas prints of selected original paintings.3)Collector printed magnets of my original paintings.

4)Printed occasion cards of selected original paintings.

5)Designer Ridas.

Rida is an Arabic word meaning approval; virtuous; it is interpreted as perfect contentment with God’s will.The Rida is the cultural two piece form of Burqa worn by The Dawoodi Bohra Women. The Rida style is standard, but the beautiful colourcombinations, subtle designs, and adornments is a representation of the beautiful creativity of The Bohra Women.

I engage in painting workshops too – to share my knowledge with other creative individuals. I believe, sharing my knowledge is the best form of creative satisfaction-knowing that my talent is growing through another is the greatest gratification.

UPLIFTMENT AND EMPOWERMENT THROUGH ART is my motto as an Artist.The inspiration to invest my creativity towards a productive purpose was sparked by Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s teachings based on theAsheerat (universal family), Khushi (happiness), and Hunnar (talent). The teachings inspired me to use my talent to support the community,andcreate happiness through a purpose.

The projects I support through the funds accrued from the sales of my artwork are:

FEED A MEAL.Provision of one time meal to the needful, catered by local caterers famously known as ‘Mama Ntilie’ -this way, my purpose to provide a mealis fulfilled with an added benefit of empowering the local caterer.

PLANT A TREE.Planting of trees for the benefit of the environment. I have opted to grow fruit trees- so they can serve as a future benefit towards thecommunity – as a direct source of food or as a source of earning by selling the produce.

PROMOTE LITERACY.Sponsor towards diploma courses at local Tanzanian institutions – to promote literacy – to promote self sustainability.Legacy,I believe, is about how many lives you’ve influenced; how many hearts you’ve touched; how many souls you’ve enriched.