Art Leasing


Corporate Art Leasing

Whether in your home office or corporate enterprise, art leasing provides a flexible and cost effective way to create truly exciting spaces. ArtExpress has been collecting, curating and promoting the value of African art for over 5 years – with more than 6,000 artworks by African artists, our art collection has something for everyone!

Our art consultants specialize in curating thoughtful and impactful art selections that will both inspire and delight. Many of our clients choose to refresh their artworks annually, boosting creativity from our African artists and enhancing their workplace culture.

Some businesses view art as an investment and buy artworks for a permanent collection. However, more and more businesses are renting artworks as a way to keep their costs down and to have the ability to create new and exciting displays spaces.

As an artist you can not only make money from selling your artworks or art, renting art is a lucrative business that allows you to create passive income from your artworks. You can generate revenue from renting artworks and then sell them permanently in the future, increasing your income potential.

ArtExpress is positioned to serve Hotels, Clubs, Government institutions, organizations, corporates, art galleries, the media and individual clients.

ArtExpress offers Art Leasing services through art leasing agreements that act as elements of any art rentals, laying out the terms and conditions between you the artist, and the renting party.

ArtExpress Art Leasing services allows your renters to experience art in their homes or offices without the commitment of owning an artwork. Leasing is less expensive and may allow a business to write off renting art as a continued work expense. Businesses like to rent art as renting allows for variety and clients are able to rotate out art.